Send Anywhere v23.0.0 (Premium+) – RB Mods (File Transfer)

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Send Anywhere v23.0.0 (Premium+) – RB Mods (File Transfer)

Send anywhere crack has capabilities on your mobile devices, sharing files between Android devices or to other platforms has previously been incredibly simple. But if you want to go a step further and make things absolutely simple and a lot more easy, you’ll discover that Send Anywhere’s fantastic mobile application is an excellent tool for the task.

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Use its incredible features to quickly choose and share any files from one Android smartphone to another, as well as to PCs, laptops, iOS devices, and other devices. The software is incredibly capable and ideal for all Android users thanks to its robust and usable features. Just launch it and look around the features to begin sharing files whenever you want. With the help of our in-depth evaluations, learn more about this fascinating instrument and its incredible capabilities.

Send Anywhere crack lets you quickly and easily send files and folders to others, regardless of file size or folder. Without a USB or external drive, sharing files was impossible a few years ago.

That way, you could physically connect to your computer, load files onto your drive, and share it with others. Today, file sending is changing. One of the most popular apps for sending files and folders is Send Anywhere. As the name suggests, the app’s simple interface lets you quickly send files to friends and coworkers using peer-to-peer connections.

Send Anywhere v23.0.0 Latest  (File Transfer)

Android users now have the ideal mobile app for transferring files, videos, apps, and other types of data between their Android devices and those running other operating systems thanks to Send Anywhere. The software will ensure that you won’t have to go through all the usual processes and manually work on the sharing operations thanks to its practical and accessible features. Everything will be fully automated and tailored to meet your requirements.

Start moving your files to a new device using the mobile app without changing the originals. Activate codes to protect your transfers and stop third parties from abusing your connection. For simple and quick offline sharing between devices in the local hotspot, unlock speedy Wi-Fi Direct transmission. Use links to gain access to the many sharing options, which will make it simple and trouble-free to exchange files. Open the practical file encryption to safeguard any of your crucial files. Send Anywhere is an essential software for all of your Android devices because to its robust functionality and limitless possibilities.

Send Anywhere v23.0.0  (File Transfer)

The amazing Send Anywhere mobile app is now available on the Google Play Store for those of you who are interested in using it. This app is always free to download and use for Android users, so there is no need to pay a one-time fee. However, once you’re inside the app, you’ll need to make some in-app purchases to unlock the premium features and advertisements.

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Additionally, it’s critical to have your Android devices updated to the most recent stable versions, preferably Android 4.2 and higher, in order to ensure that you may fully use the Send Anywhere programme that is fully compatible with your Android smartphone. This is crucial when using the app and making sure the connection is stable, especially if you are using the most recent version of the app.

Requirements Of Send Anywhere crack

Send Anywhere’s in-app functionality will also need specific access permissions from your Android devices in order to work effectively. For the app to be completely functional, be sure to take into account and accept its requests when you first use it.


  • The app has the following amazing features, which are all listed below:
  • Simple and very user-friendly
  • To begin with, Send Anywhere crack users on Android can now take advantage of working with the straightforward and incredibly accessible file sharing app, which is incredibly simple to use regardless of what you want to share and who you want to share it with. Simply launch the programme and let it search your computer for all the media files you want to share, including pictures, movies, music, apps, and other files. Select the Send option, then from the lists of recipients and sharing options, your choices. Once the procedures are finished, sharing files should be rather simple.
  • File explorer that is interactive and intuitive
  • Android users will gain access to the user-friendly file explorer in Send Anywhere, which enables them to quickly search for shareable files from your mobile devices. You may quickly search for files from these various collections by perusing the clear menus for Photos, Apps, Videos, and Audio. And sorting through the lengthy lists will be really simple for you thanks to the accessible filers. Use the straightforward touch and hold actions to choose numerous files, then finish sharing tasks with the straightforward send command.
  • Keep a record of your sharing activities.
  • For those of you who are curious, Send Anywhere now lets you maintain track of the files you’ve sent and received, making it simple for Android users to follow their files. To make more use of the mobile app, find connected devices, protected connections, and other recorded actions in Send Anywhere.
  • Transferring files without making changes to the originals
  • Android users may choose files to share and have them transferred to new devices using Send Anywhere without having to make any changes to the originals. Anytime you need to quickly share files or transfer data, this is quite useful.
  • Connect with security keys enabled.
  • For those of you who are interested, you can now use Send Anywhere’s strong security keys for your connections to lock down your shareable files and prevent unauthorized access. Anyone who has the password provided can access your connection and download the files.
  • Encrypt your files to keep them safe.
  • At the same time, Android users have the option of adopting encryption to safeguard their crucial files. The application in this case allows you to encrypt data using 256-bit encryption techniques. Thus, even after they have already gotten the files, you can stop people from opening them without your consent.
  • even without the Internet, move files
  • Additionally, Send Anywhere customers can now send and receive files without using the Internet because of the available Wi-Fi Direct file transfer option. The connection can be established with ease if all the participating devices are linked to the same local Wi-Fi hotspot. The app will then make use of the connection’s improved sharing speed to allow you access your files quickly. This is fantastic for sending huge files because you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection’s fast transfer rates. And you don’t even need to set up cable connectivity to transfer data from phone to PCs.

Send Anywhere v23.0.0 (Premium+) – RB Mods (File Transfer)

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